Director’s Message


Welcome to Dokuz Eylul University Efes Vocational School.

In accordance with our University’s vision, our goal is to educate responsible individuals leaded by ethical values, willing to search and question, and able to create awareness. Besides, we also aim to provide job opportunities before our students are graduated.

In addition to equipping you with professional knowledge, we also aim to develop your applied business skills. Our programs have been established in accordance with the needs of our country and the region. These programs are implemented with high-tech classrooms and laboratories, academic staff with high-level knowledge and experience and trained specialists from the sector.

There are 6 programs consisting of 4 departments, among them 2 programs are in the Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services, 2 programs in the Department of Transportation Services, 1 program in the Department of Tourism and Entertainment Services and 1 program in the Department of Construction. Our aim is to educate our students as sophisticated and the best individuals in their profession, with theoretical – practical courses as well as internships provided in the business sector with up to date education program.

Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Hamdi DELİORMANLI

Director of Efes Vocational School