As the last unit of Dokuz Eylül University, in 2013, Selçuk Higher Education Development Association, Selçuk Chamber of Commerce, Selçuk City Council and Selçuk City Council and 10 different NGOs pioneered and demanded a special campus with the financial assistance of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Selçuk District Municipality There is EFES VOCATIONAL SCHOOL, which has completed modern building in 2015 and started active teaching since 2016-2017 academic year. Dokuz Eylül University Efes Vocational School have 16 academic, 16 administrative staff personnel. In addition, a total of 469 enrolled students are continuing education and training activities.

Our school consist of  Tourism and Hotel Management, Catering Services, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Construction Technology, Marine and Port Management and Civil Aviation Management. One of the main objectives of establishing the high school in this region is to create awareness in scientific light by bringing forward the cultural heritages that can be regarded as holy for the people of the world in Selçuk district of İzmir so as to create alternative tourism opportunities to our country like faith tourism. Starting from here, the Selçuk region is home to important cultural heritage assets such as Ephesus Antique City, Mother Mary House, Artemis Temple, Seven Sleepers Cemetery, Holy Mausoleum, Pre-Christian Havana, Early Christian Church, Early Ottoman Isabey Mosque, Çukuriçi Höyük and Ayasuluk Castle As a whole it is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and it has begun to train qualified tourism and hotel personnel as the most perfect region for faith tourism in a region with the course curriculum that brings these features to the fore. In this way, the students will be equipped with the equipment that will provide the most appropriate service to the tourists who come for the purpose of faith tourism in a region that includes both paganism and works of three divine religions in a period embracing the past 8,000 years. In addition, as a future goal of the High School students, this geographical advantage will provide an effective education for the Selçuk district, under the name of Ephesus, in the process of branding, within the Department of Religious Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Restoration and Conservation will be found, and perhaps this will be Turkey’s first “Cultural Heritage Faculty “Is an effort to transform into a long-term higher education institution and scientific research center.