Tourism and Hotel Management Program

The aim of the program is to meet the qualified manpower needed by the tourism sector, to provide teaching activities at high standards and to support Turkey’s development policies. The program, which also supports initiatives that will increase the service quality of tourism enterprises, also attaches importance to public/private sector collaborations that will enable local/foreign tourists to extend their stay, develop promotional activities, and get a greater share of the tourism of the Selçuk/Ephesus destination. Shaping its academic activities in accordance with this approach, the program ensures that its students receive theoretical and practical training and supports them in their career goals. 

In accordance with the objectives of the Tourism and Hotel Management Program, each student acquires academic knowledge about the tourism sector and working life, and gains experience and competence in the field thanks to internships and various opportunities. At this point, students are given courses in branches such as front office, floor, kitchen, travel, as well as foreign language, business, finance, management organization, accounting and communication. The main outcomes of the program are that, thanks to the achievements they have achieved, graduates can be employed in different fields, especially in the private sector, and create the manpower sought in the tourism sector, where competition is intense.