Tourism and Hotel Management Program

The main aim of the Efes Vocational School Tourism and Hotel Management Program is train individuals who are entrepreneurs, having professional skill and good communication skill, using computer programs related to the field via theoretical and practice education the other purpose of the program is to educate students, who: can follow and interpret local and global trends and developments in the religious tourism industry; can apply theoretical knowledge about the fields management, marketing, art history, science of religion and its philosophy, sociology, and anthropology into real-life cases in accordance with the potential of religious tourism in the region where the vocational schooll is located. In accordance with this purposes, to obtain the necessary information for the preparation of the students are provided On the purpose of supporting the theorical information, 30 work days practical training is compulsory.

Career Fields

The student who graduate from the the program are employed in the accommodation companies (the front office, the hause keeping, the hotel cuisine, the service, the bar, the purchase, the marketing and sales, the human resources departments) ithe food and beverage companies, the travel agencies (the operation, the ticketing, the accounting departments) and in various positions in the airline companies.

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