Cultural Heritage and Tourism Programme

Cultural Heritage and Tourism Program students will be able to contribute to the cultural history of the Anatolian geography as an expert and acquire the skills to develop suitable projects for the protection of the cultural environment. The understanding of the importance of cultural heritage in tourism, the interpretation of contemporary issues of cultural heritage surrounding tourism and the media, the recognition of the basic principles of cultural heritage management and preservation in a historical and cultural context, the identification of cultural heritage conservation processes and practices, the exploration of the multitude of meanings and values of the concept of inheritance, which includes archaeological, natural and historical beauties, at an academic level.

Career Fields

Graduates will gain the authority of an archaeogeographer who is able to carry out both inventory and conservation work in many archaeological excavations in archaeological and treasure hunting excavations in many parts of Anatolia. They will be able to work as technicians in the municipality’s urban and urban units, KUDEB and private restoration projects in the areas of documentation, age determination, relays and restoration of movable and immovable cultural assets, examination of traditional building systems and elements in detail and evaluation with appropriate protection projects. They can also work in sectors related to travel, transport, tourism, accommodation, and in Non-governmental organizations, public institutions such as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Transport. In addition, they can obtain certificates by completing the courses organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to provide professional tourist guidance.




  Yedi Uyurlar  (Ashab-ı Kehf)


İsa Bey Camii


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Efes Antik Kent


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