Civil Aviation Transportation Management Programme

With the Civil Aviation Management Program, it is aimed to train young people who are equipped with basic aviation and business knowledge, who speak English well, who keep aviation security in front, ready for high technology applications, open to innovations, constantly improve themselves and adapt to existing systems in a short time in order to contribute to the needs of trained personnel and managers who are in need of sector in civil air transportation which has a rapid development in the world and our country. Companies in the aviation sector, which have a highly complex structure, which require highly costly and extensive investments, are seen as business executives and trained personnel as the most important factor in making effective decisions in terms of economic factors, providing safe flights and achieving the objectives of the operator. The availability of an airport operating in Selçuk and the proximity of the main airport in Izmir will also greatly facilitate the internship of students.

Career Fields

Our graduates are responsible for efficient management of airports and terminals with the title of Civil Aviation Operator and try to ensure that passengers travel safely and comfortably. They enable the most efficient use of money, materials and human power in business and prepare management plans for profitable operation of aircraft. They will have the opportunity to find jobs in the public and private transport sectors.