Academic Consultancy

All our faculty and staff will be “academic advisors” to the students in the department, as will be valid for the 2017-2018 school year.

You can reach the information of the students you have appointed as an advisor from the “Web Registration” heading at address or from the “Advisor Transactions” tab, which you can access from by entering your username and password.

An instructor is assigned as a consultant to the students to assist them in their training. Counselors provide counseling services to students, especially from the first day students are enrolled to the university until the end of their studies, in all matters they need; especially during the course selection and registration renewal process.

Student Counselors’ Jobs:

The most important task of student counseling is fulfilled by Student Counselors. Student Advisors organize a general meeting with students at the beginning of each school year. At this meeting, students are given general information about student counseling. Each counselor announces their private interview day and time. The task of the Student Advisors is to illuminate and guide the students in the following areas:

a) To monitor the success of the students in the lessons,

b) To investigate the reasons of failure of students in case of failure,

c) To warn students about factors that cause failure,

d) To help eliminate the factors that lead to the failure of the students,

e) To inform the students about elective course topics and to assist in course selection,

f) To guide the students from the professional point of view,

g) To give lifelong learning habits to the students,

h) To inform the Department Head to direct the students to the guidance service of the university in order to receive socio-psychological guidance services, if necessary,

i) To inform the Department about student problems that they can not solve.
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