Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program


The Civil Aviation sector, which is one of the fastest growing and dynamic sectors by gaining great momentum in the global economy and in our country, requires knowledge of international civil aviation organizations and rules, cabin crew duties and responsibilities, passenger relations, emergency rules, first aid, and high communication skills. It seems that the shortage of flight attendants who are proficient in foreign languages will not be closed anytime soon. For this reason, the program, which is carried out in parallel with the developments in the sector with a teaching approach that combines theory and practice, offers students a comprehensive training in professional subjects and personal development required by the field of Cabin Services. The program aims to train ‘Cabin Crews’ who attach equal importance to focus, are responsible, can act proactively in the face of events, have high awareness of their duties, and have foreign language knowledge to communicate effectivelydynamic, aware of professional and ethical responsibilities, has effective communication skills, is actively involved in teamwork, is solution-oriented, has leadership qualities and management skills, keeps flight safety and security at the highest level in airline transportation, has knowledge of operational level activities, is capable of managing flight safety and customer service.

Graduates of the Civil Aviation Cabin Services program will receive the title of ‘Cabin Crew’. Graduates of the program who receive this title will be able to be employed in open positions in private airline companies that carry domestic and international passengers, in different areas of activity of airports, in air cargo companies, and in all kinds of companies and companies related to civil aviation.