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“Value for nine september” “Worth the nine september”

In 2009, a group of graduates decided to establish a university roof association in Istanbul. Our Rector’s idea to establish an association with an appointment in 2012, Professor Dr. It was shared with Mehmet Füzun. As a result of the negotiations, the establishment of a roof association was accepted.

Each individual has the right to speak about management, social change and development. Individuals must be equal on these rights. From the business man to the farmer, from the teacher to the worker, everyone in the society is a part of democracy to participate in social life. Individuals may have different ways of participating in social life. Non-governmental organizations are voluntary organizations formed by gathering around a certain purpose and taking the support of its members and society. People with different professions, political views and social positions unite around the same goal to solve social problems. Thus, different sections of the society have the opportunity to express themselves. Within the framework of this understanding, our Association was established on 19.06.2012 with 50 graduate friends.

Our aim;

• To increase the communication between the graduates and graduate students and to provide communication,

• To make continuous studies on the relationship between the university and the university,

• To work with the university on graduate employment, to increase the diploma value by carrying out activities to increase the demands of our graduates,

• To help our students in their sector based trainings (internship)

• To carry out Social Responsibility Projects,

• To conduct studies that will increase the recognition of our university at national and international level,

• To carry out the activities that will enable our associates to transfer their experiences to our students and to each other,

• Creating Graduate Database, (Graduate Information System)

• Providing Student Life Support Contribution to our Students,

• To provide the necessary support for the areas that our university needs,

• Providing contributions that will increase the brand value of our university,

• To create Social Habitats that can be used together with family members.

Institutionalization and organization activities of our Association are continuing rapidly.

In addition to these studies, we are continuing our “Integration” studies with the university to ensure the “GRADUATION UNITS-VALUE GRADUATE DEGREE GRADUATION” / Graduate Placement and Student-Graduation-University Unity.

The Keyword to be Considered is “VALUE” Kelice. Not only graduates should add value to the university, but the university should also value its graduates. For this reason, the continuity of the studies that will provide Student-Graduate-University Integration must be ensured.

It should not be forgotten that graduates who are not only academic – administrative staff but also an integral part of the university will contribute to the development of our university. For this reason, to support all kinds of initiatives that will keep our graduates close to my university and to make them sustainable will provide student-graduate-university integration.

Everywhere should be demanded in every environment of the nine september. The spirit of Ninth September is our conscious shareholder.


Dokuz Eylül University Alumni Association is
+90 544 540 32 35