Catering Services Programme

In the “Catering Services” and “Gastronomy” sector there is a need for qualified staff trained in new generation cooking, molecular gastronomy and fusion. Especially, it is possible to ensure the preservation of rich Turkish culinary culture in an academic environment and introduction of this culture in international field, with the excellence of catering services.

It is aimed to educate students about the basics of food and beverage management and all the subtleties of food art from the most basic to the most advanced level during the course of their studies. In addition, it is one of the most basic goals to educate people who can prepare and present food and drink in places such as hotels, restaurants, food factories, fast food, bakery etc., can apply a business plan, work quickly and regularly, be careful and meticulous, with an improved sense of smell and taste and a sense of responsibility. Courses such as “food technology”, “principles of culinary technology”, “principles of nutrition and menu planning”, “food hygiene and sanitation”, “culinary history and development”, “food and beverage service management”, “kitchen management”, “food and beverage service methods”, “human resources management”, “introduction to gastronomy and culinary arts”, “cost analysis in food and beverage enterprises”, “banquet and catering services”, etc. were given in the department.


Career Fields

Our graduates will be able to work as qualified professionals who can be employed in all aspects of tourism sector especially in the field of accommodation and catering.

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